Choice City Wealth Partners

Choice City Wealth Partners was formed in 2018.  Our team, which consists of Ryan McNulty, Megan Frahm and Brad Kidd, helps people navigate their financial situations. We believe each member of the team adds something to the client experience as well as betters the team as a whole. All the different backgrounds have led the group to many clients while working and building a business in Fort Collins, the Choice City of Colorado. The group recognizes that everyone’s financial situation is unique, and believes that a strong personalized relationship drives a foundation for a successful financial plan. Through this personalized process, clients have shown their trust by being comfortable enough to recommend the group to work with their family and friends, and this is the standard maintained in working with clients.

As far as the team approach, you can and may work with one or multiple advisors, all of whom are Financial Advisor with Waddell & Reed. All the advisors on the team hold the same licenses and can help you in the same capacity. So, if your preferred advisor is unavailable, there will be someone available to help you. In many cases, if you don’t meet with multiple advisors, we are still collaborating to help ensure the highest level of analysis is applied to your accounts and financial plan, so they will likely have heard your name even if you haven’t met them just yet.