Insurance Planning

Insurance planning is an essential part of an effective financial plan that includes assessing risks and selecting the best insurance products to mitigate those risks. Insurance can help alleviate financial burdens that often occur when unexpected circumstances arise, safeguarding your home, income, and other assets. Health, life, disability, and long-term care insurance can help protect your family in the event of an unforeseen death, medical event, or injury. 

Why Insurance Planning Is Important

Comprehensive planning helps you identify and plan for risks that may impact your financial life. While financial planning focuses on accumulating wealth, insurance focuses on risk management strategies to preserve it. Methods can include affordable solutions to address several events, including the death of a family member or long-term care due to a health issue.

 Steps to Effective Insurance Planning

An effective plan should be personalized to meet your unique needs. While every plan is different, there are a few steps to effective insurance planning. At Choice City Wealth Partners, here’s what we do as part of our insurance planning services: 

  • A comprehensive review of finances
  • Identify financial and personal goals
  • Consider home, car, and other asset insurance products
  • Review retirement income annuity options
    Consider life, disability, and long-term insurance options 

When structured appropriately, insurance can be a valuable addition to your financial strategy and your estate plan. 

Partner With an Insurance Advisor

Are you looking to supplement your financial plan with insurance products? Contact Choice City Wealth Partners to get the insurance coverage you need to protect your family. 

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